6/16 Update

Hey! Here's some sketches to fill in the absence. If you've noticed a lack of updates, that'd be because I moved most my action on over to my tumblr

5/10 Warming Wizardry

Decided to throw some color on a sketch from a few weeks back, in between work. With no word back on internships, I'm now hoping to start planning / blocking in a new animation this weekend, in conjunction with some early development on my team's Senior Thesis Film. Things are moving.

5/4 The Waiting Game

This coming week is make or break when it comes to internships for a lot of people, including myself. Fingers crossed, for everyone.

5/4 Saturday Seattleites

4/30 Seattle Segways

 Some Seattle inspired individuals.

 Two characters from this guy's story. I'll be working out kinks on that until I'm dead. I swear.

4/24 A Sign

A sign of things to come?
Naw, who am I kidding :P

4/20 Late End

Some sketches I posted a few days back on my Tumblr. On that note, you'll probably find it easier to follow me over there, as I'm going to slowly start focusing my presence over there.

A few weeks back, I said that I'd have a reel up 'soon'...well if you happened to stumble upon my page in that interim, you may have noticed the 'REEL' page at the top.
Don't want to click it?

I also added some pages up top to show some examples of my 2D work (much of which has already been posted here), and some examples of my animation planning sketches.

With that, I'm finishing my Junior year in a week. This Summer I plan on really buckling down and pushing myself.

3/20 Early Start

Posted a week or so back on Tumblr, but forgot to upload here! Getting started on some early character visdev for my Senior Thesis Film next year. Got a team rolling, and I'm hoping we can sail through the bumps and get a good story going.

In other news, I'll be applying to a few internships for this Summer, and that means a new reel! It'll be up sometime next week or the week after. Along with some new sketches? Hopefully.

1/27/13 D Line Blues

A few cafe sketches...

...and a couple doodles from here and there.

Saw two guys of varying height and weight wearing peacoats and yamakas, each walking french bulldogs, one white, one black. What a sight!
Gotta store that rich visual in the memory banks.

Moving to Seattle was a great choice for a number of reasons, but I'm really digging the people watching!

Some exploration thumbs for a rather sappy piece of dialogue.
Looking forward to selling the subtle movements and thinking moments.